[writer’s note: drug abuse is serious and you need to seek help if it is something you are dealing with. I know this and don’t intend to offend anyone.]

I, along with many others, am an allergy sufferer. It stinks! I’ve had deal with allergies my whole life and with many different allergy medicines, all with their own side effects. This is my top five list of signs you may be suffering from allergies and in coming up with it I realized, somewhat humorously, these things can mark drug abuse too.

Number 5: Red, constantly watery eyes

Number 4: Aching muscles and joints for no apparent reason

Number 3: Restless nights and waking up still exhausted even though you slept plenty of time

Number 2: Inability to stay focused because of a “fluffy” feeling in your brain

And the Number 1 sign you’re suffering from allergies (or drug abuse): Super sensitivity to light and sound

I hope this list helps you figure out if your suffering from allergies and I hope if you’re a sufferer like me that you find the right medication to help you live a somewhat normal life during this allergy season.


First off, sorry I’m late with the post today. I’ve been running like crazy all week. I try my best to get my posts up 3 times a week by 7:00 AM, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Please accept my profuse apologies. Now, on to the post!

So, “reality” TV…..what’s the deal with it? Could it be one of the signs of the end times, or is it just a sign of mankind’s depravity? Before I even start, I have to admit, I’ve been drug into this type of entertainment myself. I was hooked on “the real world” for a while even though I knew there was nothing real about it. I like certain seasons of “dancing with the stars” as well.

There are some religious fanatics people who think the popularity of “reality” TV is a sign that Christ is coming back tomorrow or next week. Could he? Yes. Will it be because of “reality” TV? No, it’ll be because that was his plan. If you want to get super technical, everything around us could be looked at as a sign of the end times, because John the Baptist, Jesus, and his disciples all taught that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Being a reformed believer, I think that everything since the ascension of Jesus has been the end times. We live in the times between the two comings. The second coming marks the end of the end times and the beginning of eternity for the new Heaven and new Earth. So, when looked at it through those lenses, yes it could be a sign of the end times, but I don’t think it’s one of the big ones covered in the book of Revelations. I think instead it falls under the depravity of mankind.

I believe in common grace, a grace shown to everyone, sinner and believer alike (such as rain to grow crops and the fact we keep breathing and the world doesn’t spin into the freezing outer reaches of space), and special/saving grace, a grace poured out only on believers for salvation and understanding of God’s word and will (though we still don’t understand it all, we can gain deeper understanding by this grace). It is a common grace that humans aren’t as bad as we could be. We are kept from doing all our sinful nature desires by this common grace, wether it be through federal laws, social accountability, or whatever reason. Slowly, we, as Christians, have allowed society to whittle away at what is acceptable in public and on TV. In just 2-3 generations, depending on your age, we’ve gone from “Andy Griffith” to “real housewives”. That’s disturbing. What’s next? What will be on when our kids are growing up? So, while I don’t think “reality” TV is a sign of the end times in and of itself, I do think its a sign of the continuing slide of humanity into its own sinful nature and what we as a society allow to be in our lives. We are worth more than this. Our attention deserves more. Our time deserves more! Yet, every year, we let TV execs take and fill more and more of our time and our lives with their garbage. It makes me sad and angry all at the same time.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone, these are just my thoughts. You, of course, have the right to disagree and enjoy “reality” TV to whatever extent you want. I still think you deserve better.

What are your thoughts on “reality” TV?

On another note...

This is about my struggle to confront my fears of changing my direction all for a better life.

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