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I know you’ve been waiting to see what other stereotypes I don’t fit, but before I get into that, I want to make it clear these are my preferences and I firmly believe people have the right to enjoy and do whatever they want, within the laws. That being said, here are the other two things that might blow your mind.

1. I don’t like grits. That’s right, the staple of southern foods. I don’t like the texture. It just feels wrong in my mouth and I don’t like the taste. I’ve tried the flavored ones and I’ve tried different consultancies of them. I just don’t like grits.


2. I don’t like football, or really watching any sport on TV. I know I’m in the heart of the SEC, but I’ve never been into college or professional sports on TV. I enjoy going to baseball games or basketball games or even soccer games. I just don’t like watching them on TV. I don’t really even like going to football games. I simply don’t enjoy it at all. I don’t really know what it is, but before you say that I’m too delicate for it or that it’s too rough of a sport, I enjoy rugby and hockey, so it’s neither of those reasons. I just don’t see the point of it. I enjoy the experience of going to live games for most sports, but I don’t want to spend my at home time watching it. If you think I’m weird for not scheduling my life around sports, that’s your right, but I think it’s weird to plan your life around play-offs and Draft times, and that’s my right. We can get along. Most of my friends LOVE sports. I don’t. One isn’t better than the other, we’re just different, and that’s ok.


Today I want to talk about meeting expectations and how I never quite fit the bill when people learn I’m from the south. I don’t really meet the status quo for your typical southern gent.

Let me share a little about myself, not because I’m narcissistic, though some may say I am, but simply to set the stage. I was born in central Mississippi, and I’ve lived my whole life here. I know what it means to be a southerner. I know all the stereotypes and I’ve seen many of them lived out. I’m a gentleman, because my mom raised me to be so and because it’s the right way to behave. I’m polite, I say please and thank you, and I use ma’am and sir when addressing people I’m not close with or I respect. Some may say I’m a little too much of a stickler for manners, but that’s just the way I am. So, with that explained, let me share what I don’t enjoy and/or do that the stereotypical southerner enjoys and/or does. I don’t think these things are wrong to enjoy, I just think hope there are maybe other southerners who are like me and I want to let them know its ok to be different.

Brace yourself. Some of these might crush you worldview.

1. I don’t like sweet tea. This may be a shock to almost everyone in the world, but I just don’t like it at all. I think it tastes nasty. I’d much rather have a cold coke or even a beer (more on beer to come). In the winter I’ll take hot tea, but sweet tea just tastes disgusting to me.

2. My accent doesn’t fit someone born and raised in Mississippi. I had speech problems when I was young and had speech therapy. Apparently this effected my accent because people always think I’m from somewhere else. They never pick the south. If I’m at home, they think I’m from up north. If I’m in the north they think I’m from out west, if I’m out west they think I’m from some other part of the west. You get the idea. They know I’m not from wherever I am (even when I’m at home and I am from there) but I’m never from the south.

3. I don’t like NASCAR or monster trucks. I mean, I’m sure they have their place, but it not on my TV or taking up my time. I just don’t care for it.

4. I don’t like miller, bud, or coors. Don’t get me wrong, I like beer, I just don’t like that nasty stuff. I mean, I even drank Pabst Blue Ribbon (and still do on occasion) when I was in college, but bud, miller, and coors, that’s all disgusting. I won’t type what I really think about it because I wouldn’t allow anyone under age 30 to read that, but I won’t drink that stuff unless I have to…like gunpoint kind of have to.

5. I don’t like pig (with the exceptions of breakfast pig, you know, bacon and sausage). Apparently everyone from the south is supposed to like ham and pork chops. I don’t. I just really don’t like any kind of pig except where noted above. I think it tastes tough, almost bland, and always has a hint of mireyness (it’s a word now), almost rotten flavor to it.

There are two more to come in part two on Friday. They’re BIG. REALLY BIG! I just think my difference from the stereotype is too much to handle in one sitting. Hope to see you Friday for the conclusion.

On another note...

This is about my struggle to confront my fears of changing my direction all for a better life.

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