March 27, 2013

Yesterday my father and I made a Kubb (pronounced koob) set. This is the part where most people look at me and say, “What’s Kubb?” Kubb is an outdoor game of skill that dates back to the Vikings. You play on a field that is 8 meters by 5 meters. In the very center of the field is the largest block, the king, and on each short line is five smaller blocks called kubbs. You throw batons that are as long as the king (about 12″) to nock over your opponents kubbs. Once all the kubbs on you opponents side are nicked down, you then knock over the king. It’s much harder than it sounds. My father and I took a while before we could knock anything over from a half field distance. It’s a lot of fun once you start getting the feel for it, but can be frustrating at first. I got some instructions online for how to make a set. They are pretty good, but you need a little extra wood of the thicker dowel because you lose some wood when cutting it. I didn’t give you all the rules but you can check out the full rules with diagrams here.

What interesting or little known games do you like to play?

On another note...

This is about my struggle to confront my fears of changing my direction all for a better life.

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