[writer’s note: drug abuse is serious and you need to seek help if it is something you are dealing with. I know this and don’t intend to offend anyone.]

I, along with many others, am an allergy sufferer. It stinks! I’ve had deal with allergies my whole life and with many different allergy medicines, all with their own side effects. This is my top five list of signs you may be suffering from allergies and in coming up with it I realized, somewhat humorously, these things can mark drug abuse too.

Number 5: Red, constantly watery eyes

Number 4: Aching muscles and joints for no apparent reason

Number 3: Restless nights and waking up still exhausted even though you slept plenty of time

Number 2: Inability to stay focused because of a “fluffy” feeling in your brain

And the Number 1 sign you’re suffering from allergies (or drug abuse): Super sensitivity to light and sound

I hope this list helps you figure out if your suffering from allergies and I hope if you’re a sufferer like me that you find the right medication to help you live a somewhat normal life during this allergy season.

On another note...

This is about my struggle to confront my fears of changing my direction all for a better life.

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