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March 29, 2013

I’m giving myself the day off since its Good Friday, but I wanted to share a couple links with you from some other blogs.

First off we have my friend Joseph Craven’s blog post, a numerous look at how to become a sports fan.

Second, I offer up for your thought provoking enjoyment, a post by Jeff Goins on an alternative to self promotion.

I hope you enjoy their posts as much as I did. Have a great Good Friday and Easter!



March 27, 2013

Yesterday my father and I made a Kubb (pronounced koob) set. This is the part where most people look at me and say, “What’s Kubb?” Kubb is an outdoor game of skill that dates back to the Vikings. You play on a field that is 8 meters by 5 meters. In the very center of the field is the largest block, the king, and on each short line is five smaller blocks called kubbs. You throw batons that are as long as the king (about 12″) to nock over your opponents kubbs. Once all the kubbs on you opponents side are nicked down, you then knock over the king. It’s much harder than it sounds. My father and I took a while before we could knock anything over from a half field distance. It’s a lot of fun once you start getting the feel for it, but can be frustrating at first. I got some instructions online for how to make a set. They are pretty good, but you need a little extra wood of the thicker dowel because you lose some wood when cutting it. I didn’t give you all the rules but you can check out the full rules with diagrams here.

What interesting or little known games do you like to play?

Poetry Monday 3/25/13

March 25, 2013

Once again the weekend is over too soon. I did not get enough down time this weekend. I could do with a couple extra days.

Filling our hours with work and play
Keep going till we crash is the way
The world seems to live now a day
There’s gotta be another way

I never feel rested or stress free
Always things to do or deadlines for me
Never just enjoying the sun and breeze like a tree
There’s gotta be something else for you and me

How do we get off the merry-go-round?
How do we get our feet back on the ground?
Be still and listen for the sound
Of Gods voice; He made Earth: sky, sea, and ground.

Have a great week!

Today I’m going to share 5 things people do and/or say all the time that can be super annoying and sometimes hurtful.

1. Rushing a person through life/constantly pushing them to the next accepted step

This is the constant asking of if someone has finished high school, then where are they going to college and what are they majoring in, then pushing them to get a job and “do something with their life”, then get married, and the pestering goes on. None of those things are bad, and if you have genuine interest in a person’s life, asking them isn’t wrong, but pestering about them is.

2. Always smiling and saying everything is “Super”

Smiling and being happy is great, but no one is always happy. Even Jesus wept and cried and had times of intense strife in his life. It’s ok to be having a rough day, or even week. Life is messy sometimes and we don’t have to plaster on a fake smile for everyone around us.

3. People who ask how you’re doing without wanting a real answer

This drives me crazy. If you don’t really want to know how someone is doing, don’t ask. And we let them get away with it by just saying we’re doing fine! Give people the true answer and maybe they’ll stop asking questions they don’t really want the answer to.

4. Bullheadedness

We all know people who are stubborn. In all honestly, we’ve all probably been stubborn ourselves at times. This is one I struggle with. I’m not talking about the classical bullheaded person here only, I also mean those people that get an idea in their head and try to force it on you even though you’ve listened and told them no thanks. They think they know better for you than you know for yourself, when they are not people who know you well at all. Outside my family, there are two, maybe three people I would take advice like that from, and they know who they are. If you’re not a close friend of someone and they’re not asking for your input, keep it to yourself. This also covers just the classic, “my way or the highway” mentality of some people. Trying new things and new ways of doing things is good for you and is what keeps moving us forward. Just because something has always been done this way, doesn’t mean it should always be done that way.

5. Continually asking when someone is going to have a baby/another baby

This one is just annoying at best and can be extremely hurtful at worst. I know people who can’t have children and people who have had miscarriages, and they don’t want it broadcast, and these kinds of questions hurt an already broken heart. Unless you are certain of the circumstances of a couple, you need to be very careful. The constant needling and suggestive questioning can send a person into days of stressful doubt and painful remembrances of the things they’ve been through. More people than you think have suffered miscarriages and they don’t want everyone to know their business and feel sorry for them, but these questions still bite deep.

Do you know any annoying/hurtful habits people do that I missed?

Great New Music!

March 20, 2013

This morning I want to introduce you to a couple of musicians with new stuff out or coming out soon. First off, Hannah Mulholland is a great musician with her debut EP out on her website for a physical copy, and on iTunes. It’s a great album with some superb songs. When I got the EP I put it in and literally listened to it every time I was in my car for a week. I highly recommend her music, but I must warn that a couple songs have swear words in them, so keep that in mind if that bothers you or you have kids around. Check her out, she’s really talented.

Benjamin Hofer has his album coming out on April 6th. I backed him on Kickstarter, so I got an early download. It’s called “Family History” and is a great piece of artistry. It has a great folksy feel without feeling cliched. I’ve listened through the album a couple of times now and it’s really good. You can check out his stuff on his website and his bandcamp site. I recommend all of his stuff.

Finally, I do have a little self promotion. I put up two new videos on my YouTube channel and I would really love for you to check them out. Also, remember, you can like Goteefreak’s Corner on Facebook.

Poetry Monday! 3/18/13

March 18, 2013

What a weekend! Work, a good friends wedding, and being an officer on duty at the church. I need a weekend from my weekend. I hope you got a little more rest then I did.

I wake up
Still so tired
Feeling kinda mired
Wishing I could be like my pup.

He naps all day
Plays and sleeps
Eats, drinks, and enjoys his peeps
That’s the way!

But I must do my job
Get up and dressed
Tame my hair that is messed
Out the house and lock the door knob.

Have a super week everyone! If you had spring break, I hope you can get back into the swing of things.

First off, sorry I’m late with the post today. I’ve been running like crazy all week. I try my best to get my posts up 3 times a week by 7:00 AM, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Please accept my profuse apologies. Now, on to the post!

So, “reality” TV…..what’s the deal with it? Could it be one of the signs of the end times, or is it just a sign of mankind’s depravity? Before I even start, I have to admit, I’ve been drug into this type of entertainment myself. I was hooked on “the real world” for a while even though I knew there was nothing real about it. I like certain seasons of “dancing with the stars” as well.

There are some religious fanatics people who think the popularity of “reality” TV is a sign that Christ is coming back tomorrow or next week. Could he? Yes. Will it be because of “reality” TV? No, it’ll be because that was his plan. If you want to get super technical, everything around us could be looked at as a sign of the end times, because John the Baptist, Jesus, and his disciples all taught that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Being a reformed believer, I think that everything since the ascension of Jesus has been the end times. We live in the times between the two comings. The second coming marks the end of the end times and the beginning of eternity for the new Heaven and new Earth. So, when looked at it through those lenses, yes it could be a sign of the end times, but I don’t think it’s one of the big ones covered in the book of Revelations. I think instead it falls under the depravity of mankind.

I believe in common grace, a grace shown to everyone, sinner and believer alike (such as rain to grow crops and the fact we keep breathing and the world doesn’t spin into the freezing outer reaches of space), and special/saving grace, a grace poured out only on believers for salvation and understanding of God’s word and will (though we still don’t understand it all, we can gain deeper understanding by this grace). It is a common grace that humans aren’t as bad as we could be. We are kept from doing all our sinful nature desires by this common grace, wether it be through federal laws, social accountability, or whatever reason. Slowly, we, as Christians, have allowed society to whittle away at what is acceptable in public and on TV. In just 2-3 generations, depending on your age, we’ve gone from “Andy Griffith” to “real housewives”. That’s disturbing. What’s next? What will be on when our kids are growing up? So, while I don’t think “reality” TV is a sign of the end times in and of itself, I do think its a sign of the continuing slide of humanity into its own sinful nature and what we as a society allow to be in our lives. We are worth more than this. Our attention deserves more. Our time deserves more! Yet, every year, we let TV execs take and fill more and more of our time and our lives with their garbage. It makes me sad and angry all at the same time.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone, these are just my thoughts. You, of course, have the right to disagree and enjoy “reality” TV to whatever extent you want. I still think you deserve better.

What are your thoughts on “reality” TV?

Fashion Please Don’ts

March 12, 2013

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve ranted and raved about fashion no-nos. I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath to see what I’d come up with to pick on next, so here it is:
What is the deal with wearing PJs to shop or eat out in? When did it become ok for tights to be worn as pants? Who let these forms of undress become socially acceptable for going around in public?

Why on earth would you ever thing it’s ok to go to the store in pajama bottoms and an obvious sleep shirt that is too small and tight for you? What has your fellow man done to deserve being forced to see you in sleep clothes? How is someone supposed to enjoy their meal out when at the booth next to them is someone in a matching PJ set? It’s distracting at best and horrifyingly, eye clawingly, disgustingly offsetting at worst. My mother would spend almost as long getting ready to go to the store as she would at the store when I was growing up. You put on clothes you wouldn’t mind your pastor or your favorite actor/musician seeing you in when you go out. Don’t wear pajamas in public for one simple reason above all others, they are pajamas for a reason, they are meant for the privacy of your bed and house, not a public place.

Tights go along the same line. They are a form of underwear, not pants in and of themselves. They are like feminine long johns, use them as such. Ask yourself three questions before going out anywhere. 1. Is any part of this outfit designed for bedroom/house only use? 2. Can I see the outline of my underwear through any of my clothing? 3. Would/have I at any time worn any part of my current outerwear wardrobe as underwear? If you answer yes to any of these, please, please, PLEASE don’t wear it out of the house.

As to who accepted this “fashion” as ok in public, unfortunately we have only ourselves to blame. We didn’t speak out loud enough or long enough to fight it. We just let it happen and now it’s all around us. What can we do to stop it? We’ve gotta start with ourselves and our own households, then spread the word from there. Maybe we need support groups. One more question you can ask yourself, would I mind seeing this outfit, or the appropriate form of this outfit, on someone of the opposite sex (by appropriate form I mean like substituting a female in tights with a man in long johns)?

I’ll leave you with this bit of encouragement, we can make a difference by changing our lives and sharing with others.

What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen someone wear that wasn’t designed to be worn in mixed, public places?

Well, we’ve made it to another Monday. We lost an hour this past weekend and it seems like I can feel it in my bones. I’m running behind because I felt bad yesterday, so I dove into my archives this morning, I hope you enjoy.

There was a man from Galilee
Who lived quite long ago,
Even so, his death saves those such as me

Those with hearts completely dark
Sin left them colored that way
For on human hearts there was supposed to be no mark

To show us all, he lived
To cleanse us all, he died
To save us all, on the third day, he rised

I hope your week starts off great and continues that way. If you’re on spring break, be safe and have fun.

I see so many people floundering in their Christian walks. I see myself growing stagnant at times, and I can’t help but think, “What happened? Have I ‘lost my first love?'” So what do we do about it? First I think you need to realize that it’s something every Christian goes through. You’re not alone. Second, I’ve found some steps that help me get out of the valley and I’d like to share them with you.

1. Pray, pray, pray! Prayer is our radio to God on this battlefield of life. It’s how we get in touch with our home base while we’re behind enemy lines. I’ll sometimes remind myself to pray continually by never saying amen until I get in bed. So I’ll start praying in the morning and I won’t close it until the night. That way, my whole day becomes a prayer. Even if you feel like you can’t or don’t know how, pray. Pray through the scriptures (Psalms works really well for this) or get a book of prayers from one of the fathers (or mothers) of the faith, whatever you do, just pray.

2. Get into the Word! How do we know God is in control and has a plan, or even what his plan is? The Scriptures. We’ve gotta be in the Bible daily, looking at what he has to tell us, asking for wisdom and understanding. This is our guidebook. It tells us the overarching truths of life and gives us the basic plans for how to deal with all the situations that pop up.

3. Get to church! I don’t mean just going on Sunday morning and checking that off the list. We need to yearn for Christian fellowship and building others up. We need to get involved and join a congregation and commit to being there and building up the church. We need to use our gifts in the church however we can. Don’t just go, sit in the back, and leave ASAP, get plugged in! Again, this comes back to praying for the right heartset and mindset. We aren’t an interdependent people by nature, but that is what the body of Christ is called to be.

These are just a few things, but I’ve found they help immensely when going through the valleys of life. I hope it helps you the next time you’re going through a rough patch in your walk.

On another note...

This is about my struggle to confront my fears of changing my direction all for a better life.

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